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Drawing in Australia: Contemporary Images

and Ideas (1986)

Ken Done's Sydney-min.jpg

Ken Done's Sydney,

20 Years of Painting,

The Ink Group, Sydney, 1999.

Contemporary Australian Drawing 2012-min.jpg

Contemporary Australian Drawing (2012)


High Art and Low Life: The Studio and the fin-de-siècle, co-edited with Michael Spens to accompany, "High Art and Low Life: The Studio and the arts of the 1890s", Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 23 June - 31 October 1993.

Studio Yearbook 2005-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2005

Studio Yearbook 2008-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2008


Noel Counihan,

Kangaroo Press,

Sydney, 1986.

Arthur Boyd Art & Life dustjacket-min.jpg

Arthur Boyd, Art and Life Foreword by

Martin Kemp,(2000)

Isabel Alexander dustjacket-min.jpg

Isabel Alexander: Artist

and Illustrator, Isart,

Edinburgh, 2017

Studio Yearbook 2013-3-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2013-3

Studio Yearbook2006-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2006

Studio Yearbook 2010-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2010


Arthur Boyd at Bundanon,

with a Foreword by

Paul Keating,

Prime Minister of Australia, Academy Editions,

London, 1994.

The Art of Ken Done dustjacket 2002-min.jpg

The Art of Ken Done,

Craftsman Press,

Sydney, 2002.

Bradbeer book jacket-min.jpg

Godwin Bradbeer,

Thames and Hudson, Melbourne, 2018

Studio Yearbook 2004-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2004

Studio Yearbook 2007-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2007

Studio Yearbook 2011-min.jpg

Studio Yearbook 2007

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